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Let Your Glory Rain Down!


What a wonderful time in the Presence and Glory of God that we all experienced on a recent Sunday morning as City on a Hill Church gathered together for worship.

 People were healed as they stepped into the "river of healing" that was flowing in our midst. People were "made whole", the "holes" in their lives filled with the goodness of God. There was great liberty and freedom as people ran, danced and shouted as God's glory came upon them!


As I drove home from the service I was still basking in the presence of God and reflecting upon what had happened. 

The night before Robin and I had attended my 35th high school reunion. Two of the first people I talked with (former classmates and friends in high school) were both professional pilots. Another was getting ready to retire after 30 years with a large corporation.


I thought about the successful careers these men, and others that I spoke to that evening had, and the thought crossed my mind, what if...I had followed a similar career path, rather than going into the ministry. I thought about the financial security and ability to take care of their families that they likely had.


Then the service we had Sunday, the presence of God, people being healed...and knowing that though I obviously didn't DO that, God did (yet He does need people who will obey and yield to Him) but knowing that I had a part at least in facilitating such a precious working of God I am SO GLAD that I followed God's plan for my life!


I have heard that Smith Wigglesworth once said "I would rather have the Spirit of God upon me for 5 minutes than to own the world with a fence around it". I agree. We cannot put a price on the presence of God.


Hungry for His Presence!  - Pastor David

Will Your Grandchildren Know God?


I read this quote from my friend and fellow minister Rev. Ken Blount recently:

I have yet to meet the person whose life moves forward after pulling away from Church. Make plans now to go to church this weekend!


The scripture says the same:


Hebrews 10:25 NKJV

not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching.


There is a supply of the Spirit that you receive when you are gathered with other believers that you cannot receive on your own. We all need the experience of corporate praise and worship and anointed ministry of the Word that takes place in the local church.


You and your family need the strength that comes from fellowship and godly relationships that are formed in the local church. 


Also, the local church needs you. When you withdraw, we all suffer, as the church is lacking the supply of faith, anointing and resources that your presence with us makes available.


This may sound a little strong, or "alarmist" but the thought came to me recently that parents who are not setting the example by being in church with their children are paving the way for their grandchildren to grow up not knowing about God. That's how we lose a generation to the devil!


Don't fall prey to the deception of the devil that would tell you that your involvement in the local church is not important or is optional.


I hope to see YOU this week!  -  Pastor David